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Gateway Albania | Advocacy for Albanian Exporters - Theme: Corruption

Transparency against Corruption

The Non-governmental Organization Gateway Albania is not following the old roads. Gateway Albania stands for a new ethic into the economy. And now Gateway Albania is creating new highways for our members and for the Albanian economy. So it was a very fast and simple decision, that Gateway Albania joined TACA. TACA is an independent initiative "Transparency against Corruption inside Albanian economy". TACA is using several social media networks, media partnerships and is administrating a Facebook-group with some thousands of users, but also publishing via a very usefull blog. This blog is written by several authors, working in and working for several companies and institutions, which are connected to Albania, established in Albania or trying to invest in Albania. To ensure you: Albania has a great history and a lot of very friendly people with a great sense of hospitility. But also you must know, that corruption, inner circles and a very useless system of justice will make your life difficult if you decided to invest in Albania.

We made our experiences in Albania. We met a lot of nice and friendly people. We found chances to invest in the economy and the country of Albania – and sometimes it was possible to invest, but mostly we learned how much colours corruption can have. Into the majority of business cases you will wondering if the (political) decision maker is corrupt or if he is only far away from a good education. All of us cancelled projects because of these special cultural circumstances and not because the country will not need these projects. We learned. We selected. We invested. Now it is time to teach. One of the mighty instruments to fight against corruption is to act transparent and not to try to trust the old system instruments.

For one of the most important sectors of economy we set up the Non-governmental Organization Gateway Albania as the Advocacy for Albanian Exporters and we set up the Demeter Development as company to develope structural projects like reforms. Both are acting highly transparent: Each request to the government, each contact to authorities, each delay of answers, each legal activity is and will be done public in close partnership to independent medias in Albania. This will not make us more friends – but someone has to start to do it, and we are financial and political independent, so we do not need the Albanian business to survive and be able to fight for a better Albania. This blog is copied for more or less 20.000 users of different social networks – together let us adopt this blog now also inside Albania! Read more!

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