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Gateway Albania | Advocacy for Albanian Exporters - Info: Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Gateway Albania is working as Lobby for Exporters and in this sense always trying to find useful cooperations. At April 18th, 2016 we closed together with the AFI Albanian Food Industry a long-term cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Agricultural University of Tirana. Beside the general agreement to cooperate there are seven points in particular discripted to work for. First of all we decided to push, to establish and to promote new various farmers associations to have alternative possibilities for farmers in contrary to the currently active associations. These new associations shall be each specialized for different sectors of the field, like Association for the Consumer or Association of Processors.
In order to design development programs we decided to collect and to to create a database of interests, which shall be collected from students going into the terrain and talking with the market members. For this the financial support is to established, the questionnares are to be prepared and the regions has to be fixed. This wil be a good additional duty for students of the last semester of study and a good database to support several decisions.
Also we decided to study and analyze the current market and preparation of scientific opinion for the drafting and adoption of monitoring development programs according to market requirements for livestock. Our duties are to form questionnaires based on experiences from abroad, to install IT-programs to analyse the datas and the support regarding the collection of information, financing, logistic and lobbying.In additional we will be active to train farmers and stakeholders in the sector of livestock based on ethical rules and protection of animals. This p.e. by exchange visits of study for the professors of the faculty.Last the transfer of experiences from European Union countries through mutual visits has to be realized, the provision of laboratory services and professional expertise has to be offered to the market and in general a coherent functional processing industry has to be installed and supported - at least the project of Demeter Development Sh.p.k. "National Agriculture and Food Industry Quality Management System (NAF)" has to be supported. We are going ahead to discuss the next steps between the Faculty of Veteranian Medicine and Gateway Albania in June 2016 and to realize the first results.
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