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Gateway Albania | Advocacy for Albanian Exporters - Info: Agricultural University

Agricultural University of Tirana

At June 08th, 2016 Gateway Albania and the Agricultural University of Tirana closed a long-term agreement of cooperation to initiate and establish several possibilities to develope the agriculture economy and science in Albania. Beside the general agreement of cooperation and support we decided to establish working groups and that Gateway Albania is enable to realize research contracts given from companies abroad.

First we will  establish a long-term working group “Funds” to collect informations about possible national and international subsidies and funds in context with research, education and development of joint ventures, joint projects, investments, patents and universities. Secondly we will establish a long-term working group “ThinkTank” inside the university to collect informations from producers, collectors, trading companies, exporters and other market members into the sectors of medicinal and aromatic plants and energy crops about the current situation, the needs, the opportunities and the possibilities of this important Albanian market and international impulses and projects to operate a so named ThinkTank. In additional we will establish a long-term working group “Economy" as a non-profit joint project to acquire companies and interested entities for any kind of cooperation with the university to promote the resources, opportunities and possibilities of the university to push their publicity and to enable to increase contacts to and contracts with companies abroad to finance research contracts and joint projects and also with other entities to increase the knowledge and power.  

Gateway Albania will realize research contracts given from EcoEden Water GmbH & Co. KG and / or their partner companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in context with the REC-project and the different single projects around the meta-project of that company. These contracts shall have a big theoretical, classical research part, but also be connected to project groups and practical pilot projects. Currently their are possible research contracts like as: Microalgae - cultivation, use and quality assurance, Energy crops - competitive behavior, land use and alternatives, Medicinal herbs - Professional cultivation, reactivation of old seeds, soil management, quality assurance and Traditional Chinese Medicine - cultivation necessary herbs and roots outside China.

Gateway Albania enables also an exchange and training of professors from the university to a german university and an exchange program for students also between Albania and Germany. These parts are depending from the development of the REC-project, which shall be realized in the near of Lezha and which has a delay in case of the cooperation with the responsible authority of Lezha. If this project will not be realized there or at another location in Lezha it will be realized in Macedonia or Montenegro, but it is not clear, if these offers than could be given to an Albanian university.

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