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Gateway Albania | Advocacy for Albanian Exporters - The Conditions

The Conditions

We have here a bit may tell you on the website or in personal conversations, what benefits you will have as a member of the NGO Gateway Albania. This is only a small part of what we will do together everything in the coming years, develop and enforce. We speak of political reforms by a new understanding of the brand, a powerful organization of economic power of international best networks and of a rejection of traditional limitations of a turn to new business ethics, of a possible expansion into previously unattainable markets, by an improvement in quality, of links with money and know-how, quality improvements and more.

All this is not in vain. Things for which you have to pay nothing, are worth nothing. Except of course not commercial values ​​such as family, love, respect, trust, honor and morality. These non-commercial values ​​are values ​​that we adhere strictly to the new business ethics and take as the basis for an active and aggressive expansion of our export economy. Pride, confident, forward-looking and open-minded, we present the Albanian exports continue outside Albania. We unite the Albanian exporters. As an NGO, we are politically neutral and are therefore paid neither by politicians nor political parties. We want to improve the conditions of Albanian exports and any exporter Albania offer the best opportunities to improve quality and to expand. That is why we are not paid by few or single companies to give only a few individuals all these advantages. And Gateway Albania is not a commercial enterprise, but an NGO. So we generate profit, but to operate so that we only can cover our costs. Therefore we are left with only the way the funding through membership fees.

If you recognize our political and economic independence as an important tool for sustainable success of our advocacy, then the question of the membership fee for you will not be an issue. We have the contribution set deliberately low to account for the current income and earnings levels in Albania. You have the choice between full membership and associate membership of a pure. Full Members have the choice of three categories. You can choose what the scope should have their advantages and can join our NGO as Executive Member, as Junior Member or Senior Member.

Supporting members (Associates) have no rights within the community of interest, but may already be able for a monthly fee of ALL 1,000 / € 7.00, the community of interests promote their existence and their tasks. In turn, you may spend in your business correspondence as a sustaining member of the NGO Gateway Albania. In addition, of course, you will receive regular reports on our events and are informed about everything important. This associate membership is suitable for all passive members who want to be in a first step only once in our movement with this.

As an Executive Member, you have the advantages of an Associate Member and you are a full member. You have almost all rights. For example, you can participate in the voting of our advocacy and have an unfettered right to vote. A full membership as Executive Member you get already for a monthly fee of ALL 2,000 / € 14.00 and thus access to all important internal affairs of our advocacy. The full membership as an Executive Member is suitable for exporters of goods that want to participate in the fundamental decisions and otherwise expect only from time to time individual assistance.

As a Junior Member, you have all the advantages, which also has an Executive Member. In addition, you are invited to the regional Roundtable Meetings, there to maintain existing contacts, order to build new connections, in order to present yourself and your company and to be active throughout the spot. A full membership as a Junior Member, you get already for a monthly fee of ALL 3,000 / € 21.00 and can thus very actively intervene in the decision-making processes. In addition, you and your company be given special consideration within the activities of the NGO Gateway Albania and presented. For example, in the search of investors for investment opportunities. For example, in the selection of companies for presentation at fairs or international major events. This full membership is ideal for those entrepreneurs and companies that want to actively expand and want to use Gateway Albania as a springboard for greater success.

As a Senior Member, you have all the benefits of full membership of the Junior Member. In addition, however, "you sit at the table". This full membership you get alreadyfor a monthly fee of ALL 5,000 / € 35.00 to addition to all advantages which have the other members, additional invitations to the Club Chimney Talks.  You are thus members of this informal meeting of politics and business, maintain contacts, provide contacts, build new connections and are part of this international network of decision-makers.

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or call us. We will send the membership form for signature to you. Within fourteen days our board of directors will decide on your membership, so you can quickly participate from all the advantages in most cases. Should any questions on our part necessary, these will be clarified within this 14-day period.

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