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Gateway Albania | Advocacy for Albanian Exporters - We do it!

We do it!

Gateway Albania sees a problem of exports in the fact that it does not really exist the term "Made in Albania" internationally. That's not bad. Neither Albania nor abroad no one can really say what that should be then. "Made in Albania" has no relation to the size of the Albanian economy, has no relation to certain positive quality terms, is not related to internationally known products.

"Made in Germany" stands for quality, performance, order and supports the German export industry today. Originated the term during the 2nd World War and was used by the British government as a propaganda tool. German goods were in Great Britain, in later in France and the United States with the term "Made in Germany", so that citizens do not buy German products, but national products. "Typical German" is that was stuck confidently after the war, the term of the first itself produced goods. The result is known.

Today it is a quality brand. It identifies the capabilities of the producer with the consumer's needs. Germany's export champion. Again and again. But what does this tell us for Albania? Much tells us. It tells us that the time of war is over and that can no government determine a real quality "Made in Albania" from above and insert. It's here just not about a law to be adopted by Parliament and to which all must hold. "Made in Albania" can not be decided by the policy, but must be lived by the economy. What does that mean?

It means that we have all of us develop the concept of quality "Made in Albania". And who can do it better andmore efficient, as the export sector? Nobody. We want and need to export our products. For that we need in addition to the certificates and permits and the approvals also a quality brand. This quality brand symbolizes our services, our strengths, our determination to succeed. Pity not sells - success sells. Very easily. A set of policy "Made in Albania" awakened compassion. A drawn up by the economic brand "Made in Albania" signals success. Exports will be encouraged and facilitated. What is it needed?

Albania needs to escape the vicious circle of lack of money, the outdated production equipment, poor quality control, of a lack of economic knowledge. Albanian exporters has to invest in production facilities or in manufacftories or to receive financial partner. Here Gateway Albania supports them. For example, by providing contacts to investors.

Albanian exporters need to introduce quality management in order to obtain internationally recognized certificates and approvals. Here Gateway Albania supports them. For example, by providing contacts to certification bodies.

Albanian exporters have to reflect on the advantages and resources of Albania. But this is not easy to resell, but further processing and then sell only. So in Albania, the added value is achieved. This money is being made in the country not to other countries. Here Gateway Albania supports them. For example, by providing contacts to project developers.

Albanian exporters must finally be able to export all products in the EU and the USA. The Albanian politics must finally ensure that the appropriate conditions are created. Here Gateway Albania supports them. For example, our project for food safety.

Albanian exporters has to be perceived internationally as a supplier of finished and no longer as a supplier of raw materials. Here Gateway Albania supports them. For example, through publications, events, trade fairs.

Albanian exporters must be able to rely on "Made in Albania" synonymous with quality and not abused is. Here Gateway Albania supports them. For example, by combining the most and leading export companies within the NGO Gateway Albania and to live an universal definition. The policy may prescribe the term "Made in Albania". The policy may be given a single company the right to award a seal. OK. But a quality brand it is only when the export sector to his own requirements and with their own efforts to convince foreign partners and consumers. Sustainable. For sure. Transparent. Here Gateway Albania supports them. For example, by the way, a member of the NGO Gateway Albania to be and say in what shall happens.

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